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 Note: Sandy will be out of town to a family reunion the week of Mon. Oct. 29 through Saturday, Nov. 3, and will also be gone on Saturday November 10 dancing with my dogs. I will inform regular students and hope this doesn't inconvenience anyone. We will also be off for Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend. This will not effect the Tuesday classes.



 "Dog training should not be a battle of wills, but an ever-evolving dance of communication and cooperation." ~ Nicole Wilde ~


Positively Canine supports the OKC Pet Food Pantry

Bring a dog or cat food donation valued at least $5 and receive a
$5 discount on your class registration (one discount per session)
We have a donation box and welcome you to bring by dog and cat food donations
Recent Additions:
Did you know dogs have noses 1,000 to 10,000 times more sensitive than ours! So, why not put that nose to work! Scent work is based on the K9 Nose Work classes in other major cities. K9 Nose work was in the August 2009 issue of The Whole Dog Journal.  

Scent work will put your dog's ability to sniff on cue. Scent work is fun and helps to give the dog a job to do around the house rather than dissect your child’s or your favorite toy.

Intro to Nosework  Starts Soon. Email for details!

Structured Freestyle class - foundations/moves/choreography with Laura and Sandy. Learn to shape, teach your dog better focus, learn many skills that will carry over into other areas of sport with your dog. Basic skills required.

Scientifically based humane training methods and trainers who continue to educate themselves to offer the best and most effective learning experience. Training at all levels is positive reinforcement based.
Experienced instruction. Primary trainer has over 30 years experience teaching people and dogs and successfully competing with dogs in a number of venues, with a Masters degree in education, and certification (CPDT-KA) through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. Over 12 years experience with clicker training, including attendance at Clicker Expo.  Altogether, over 50 years experience. 
Small class sizes in a climate controlled facility dedicated and designed specifically for dog training. Class setting is planned to avoid stress and help dogs learn.
Scheduling that allows you to enroll for classes starting every few weeks
Flexible scheduling that allows you to "make up" a missed class by attending another class for one week.
Continuing on-line support for students
Family Dog ! Class enrollment fee includes exclusive training manual and clicker with wrist band. Cost of testing is included with the CGC/Therapy dog class
Competitive pricing and superior training
Training with kindness and common sense. 
        Laura Ormsby's TillyBelle                                        Dana Frank's Briley 
photos by Linda Earley
 Learn to do Freestyle with your dog
For fun, therapy work or competition
12:30 on Saturdays
904 W. Britton Road
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73114
405-840-WAGS (9247)
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Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.     Viktor Frankl


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